About Us

Agile Pi believes "all in" agile coaching is a necessity if you are serious in your journey for transforming into a sustainable agile organization. We fully understand no two organizations are alike so we take the time to get to know you and understand cultures, projects, and processes in order to bring individualized implementation ideas which will be adopted successfully at the right pace for your organization.

Our Vision

To assist our clients in achieving a competitive advantage by providing quality coaching, training, and software development.

Our Mission

Provide high quality coaching, training, and solutions to our clients, support our consultants by offering challenging and exciting engagements, and develop superior products focused on technical excellence in a fun, challenging environment.

Our Core Values


Our Founders

Betsy Kauffman
Co-Founder & Principal, Agile Pi
Vice President, Software Education USA
Oscar Rodriquez
Co-Founder, Agile Pi

Our Partners

International Consortium for Agile

ICAgile offers knowledge and competency-based certifications in the diverse disciplines needed to sustain organizational agility.

SoftEd offers Software Development training courses for a wide range of organisations, from local businesses to large multinational corporations and government departments. Their goal is to provide Software Development Life-Cycle training that is the best in the world.

Agile Alliance supports those who explore and apply Agile principles and practices to make the software industry productive, humane, and sustainable.

BA Squared stands out as the leader of modern requirements elicitation and analysis practices. With a focus on developing collaboration, strategic mindsets and shared understanding, BA-Squared helps organizations, teams and individuals move forward with agile, traditional and hybrid requirement models.

Artifact Consulting helps companies learn how to build discovery and design best practices into their own processes, so that they can build products people love to use. Artifact is a discovery and design education consultancy dedicated to unearthing user insights that support deeply human user experiences. They discover the intent behind good ideas, distill those ideas down into clear action plans for products and services that exceed all expectations, and educate internal teams about design best practices so that they can repeat the design process over again.